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  • Aashish

    October 19, 2021 at 9:16 PM

    Studies conducted by psychologists show that colours can affect the way people feel about anything. I completely agree to this statement as this is the reason places like hospitals, offices, shopping malls have a specific type of colour schemes. This essay will discuss how does colour influences people’s health and capacity for work.

    Hospital is the place where a sick person’s body is treated to get better, everything there are designed in such a way which is best for human’s body. Visual sights also impacts an individual’s health and this is the reason why walls of hospitals are painted with some specific colours like green which symbolises the mother nature and freshness and, white which is the symbol of peace and reflects cleanliness. For instance, a person treated at a hospital would prefer to be in a room with life resembling colours rather than to be in a dark room with black colour all around him.

    Another place where specific colour schemes are used are children’s play schools. Children loves to play with colours since different objects having different types of colours attracts their attention and makes them curious about that thing. But do colours really affect the human’s tendency to respond? Well, studies have shown that younger kids learns to read a book with full of colours and pictures rather than a monochromatic colour printed on some white paper like a novel. Moreover, that’s why books for kids are so filled with different types of vibrant colours.

    I would like to conclude this essay by agreeing the above statement which is the reason why everything around us have a certain type of colour whether it is from nature or man-made.

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