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  • Harsaroop Kaur

    October 19, 2021 at 9:19 PM

    Colours are the only thing on this planet that we cannot hear or explain, however they affect the way we feel, so said by the psychologists. I truly believe that while decorating place like offices and hospitals, colour schemes should especially be taken care off as it can directly or indirectly impact people.

    When a person enters a hospital, it feels very depressing, not only because of the environment but also due to the dull colours’ hospitals are usually painted in. Undoubtedly, light colours feel calm, but it can still lead to loss in energy and at the end people tend to feel sicker even more that they are. I reckon, when I was 14, I got admitted into a hospital and the walls of my room were painted in light-blue colour and it made such an impact that even today when I come across that colour, the whole scenario crosses my mind.

    Going forward, when we are visiting a place daily, for example our workplace, it should be made in such a way that the thought of going to office comes from our heart. The first company I got placed in was Wipro and when I saw the logo of the company on my offer letter it was so beautifully designed with all the seven major colours and it felt that this is company will definitely add colours to my life. Also, its office was decorated with such beautiful colour schemes that I didn’t want to go back home on my first day of work.

    To conclude, even if we don’t realise, colours can really have a deep impact on us. Kids play-ways are always designed with bright and rich colours and are always considered as happy place. In the same way, if we pay attention to colour combinations while constructing offices and hospitals, it can surely have a positive impact on people visiting there.

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