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  • Mithusha

    October 19, 2021 at 9:26 PM

    It is established by psychologists that colors can impact people’s emotions. Therefore, hospitals and offices are expected to follow the color schemes while decorating. In this essay, we will see whether the above statement is correct or not and to what extent an individual’s working ability is determined by colorful things.

    To start with, colors such as white, light green, light yellow are nature friendly and are symbols of cleanliness, healing, and warmth which affect our wellbeing and act as a stress buster. In other words, patients who are suffering from psychiatric disorders like depression and anxiety would prefer to paint the walls using soothing colors which keeps them calm and relaxed. To illustrate, hospitals have white walls for the reason most of the patients react stressed and unsettled towards bright colors when suffering, they would rather prefer low eye catching tones which will eventually change the mood. Therefore, it is quite essential to decorate hospitals that have positive effects on the patients.

    Moreover, office buildings or workplaces tend to paint with shiny & bold shades as it may increase the productivity of workers and also does makes people feel energetic and encouraged with active colors. According to a recent survey, 90% of the employees voted in favor of red, orange, and blue to be included in the interior decorations instead of having dull colors like grey and yellow. In a nutshell, the capacity of the workers at the workplace upsurge with the exclusive use of colors.

    To end with, colors may bring a change in the lifestyle of people as they have ample strength benefits such as soothing the mind and can also increase the effectiveness of workers.

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