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  • Harsaroop Kaur

    October 20, 2021 at 9:34 PM

    The world is becoming small. Over the past few decades, social media has connected people all around the globe and especially brought us near to our loved ones that live across the seas, however, it also made us far from people that stay nearby. Surely, the usage of various social media applications like Facebook, WhatsApp etc. have proved of much more advantages that anyone could ever thought off and has certainly outlooked its disadvantages.

    Covid Times were tough for all the people worldwide and due to sudden and unexpected lockdowns a lot of us got stuck in places that were really far away from our homes. In that situation, when we were unable to step out, that was when social media came in picture and it really helped us a lot to stay connected to our dear ones through video calls. People made motivational videos and put it on social media which really supported us in tough times and also made us believe that we are all together in these crises.

    However, social media reduced face-to-face interactions among people in society. Nowadays, as the usage of the social media apps are evolving and people are finding it very easy to use. It acts like a catalyst as they just stay in their comfort zone and interact with people whenever they want to. I reckon, my regular yoga classes were shifted to online yoga class due to covid and the people whom I used to meet and interact on daily basis also reduced.

    In a nutshell, it is sure shot that usage of social media has changed our lives a lot and has replaced our physical interactions with online interactions, however it has way more advantages as it really helped us all in covid times and it is really feasible to use which outweighs its disadvantages.

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