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  • Kanchan

    October 20, 2021 at 11:20 PM

    In the contemporary world, everyone wants to learn by a well-qualified teacher, however, very less chooses teaching as their career especially in the schools offering education till secondary level. This essay will discuss about the cause which includes the less income in this profession and will propose possible solution that is by providing them regular bonus and salary hikes.

    Although, in this job one only has to work for 6-7 hours which is way less than the working hours of a corporate job where sometimes employees need to work overtime as well, nevertheless, people don’t want to get employed in this sector because of the lower income. For instance, according to a survey conducted at ‘Manipal University’ in India, there were only 32 per 100 students who wanted to become a teacher. Moreover, when asked the reason for not considering it as a career option, they stated that the income is not satisfactory.

    To alleviate this problem, one solution that can be consider by the education system is that the employees must be rewarded with bonus, incentives on occasion such as Diwali and there should be hikes in the salary every year based on their performance. Since, there is not much financial growth in this sector, people neglect it but by assuring reasonable pay, this field can attract huge crowd.

    To conclude, working in an institution providing education till 10th standard, people are not satisfied with the earnings they get, however if feasible hikes and bonuses are given to them, then this area of professionalism can be chosen by many youngsters.

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