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  • Devi

    October 21, 2021 at 1:35 AM

    With the development of technology and medical science, the life expectancy of people is increasing gradually. Though some people consider it as an improvement in human well-being, it has huge adverse effects to the world. We need to take strict measures like balancing human population. This essay will discuss the problems associated with increase in life expectancy and solutions to reduce the impact of aging population.

    Firstly, the rise of life expectancy causes demand in human resources, jobs and also economy. Every people suffers from lack of facilities due to increase in population. For instance, there is more than the required candidates available for a job offer. Likewise, in hospital, school, industries demand increases due to excessive population. By this way people suffering economically and also the growth of nation deteriorates.

    Moreover, the unbalanced birth and death rate leads the society to face poverty and slowdown the country growth . As a result of poverty, Crime and illegal activities rising in the nation. The old aged people also suffers due to lack of medical facilities as demand increases.

    I suggest that the government should introduce more pension and medical insurance facilities to overcome from such crisis. Strict measures can be implemented to control child birth to reduce the problems of aging in society.

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