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  • Raju

    October 22, 2021 at 6:58 AM

    Nowadays, most of the countries teaching faculties are becoming short especially at the secondary grade schools. The main cause of the shortage is low paid and various solutions for this issue are reward people, offer periodic bonuses, and paying good wages. This essay will describe in detail about the problems and its possible solutions.

    Firstly, Teaching profition is a great responsible job, secondary grade education is a basic building block for the further studies for any student life. Unfortunately, many more teachers are not opting to continue their profition because of financial crises. Majority of the school administration is paying low wages to most of the tutors and expecting quality of teaching methods, high skill set and greater output. Due to the increase in prices in the market such as rental, groceries, transportation and entertainment, it is hard to work with low paid salaries and lead life.

    Even though the problem exists, school administration and higher management should think about an alternative solution to backfill the positions and minimize the resignations. Periodically teachers should be rewarded for the great work they do, create a healthy competition among the teachers for the better teaching methods and quality of education. Offering bonus on a yearly basis will help most of the tutors to overcome financial hardships. As a best solution school should offer high wages for the teachers based on the skill set, higher skill set people do better job which greatly impacts the student education and helps to grow in their carrier.

    In conclusion, though there are some issues in secondary schools, teachers should be provided good salary and facilities for the quality of education to the student. If possible, government also should encourage society especially young people towards the teaching as a carrier for the better education system.

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