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  • Soumya

    October 22, 2021 at 4:33 PM
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    The bar chart illustrates the revenue sources and expenditures of a children’s charity situated in the USA in a year 2016 in percentage.<div>


    At a glance, it is clear that income from five different sources outweigh the expenses and the major contribution was foodstuff whereas they spent more on programme services.

    Spending on management as well as general needs were the lowest at 1.5% along with fundraising which cost only 2.6%. Additionally, a significant proportion spent was on programme services at 95.8%, on contrary revenue from programme hold a very small proportion.

    Food contribution alone generated a substantial source of earnings at 86.6% which showed only one in ten difference from the largest expenditure on programme services. The second largest place of revenue was from community sources which accounted for 10.4% and an insignificant proportion was provided by other sources.


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