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  • Tuhinsuvra

    October 23, 2021 at 1:02 PM

    The diagram illustrates the process of producing electricity by using Geothermal energy. Overall, there are five steps in the process, beginning with pumping down the cold water to the subterranean region.

    To begin, the cold water is pumped down beneath the earth’s crust through the injection well which is 4.5 kilometers deep. Thereafter, the cold water touches the Geothermal zone which is made of hot rocks. Flowing through the searing rocks, the water gets heated and becomes hot. Following this, the hot water is pumped out from the subsurface of the earth through the production well.

    In the subsequent stage, the hot water forces the condenser to make steam. Then the steam rotates the turbine which results in energy. Finally, the process of converting energy into electricity comes into the picture. A generator is used in the termination stage. Powered by the turbine, the generator ultimately produces electricity which is then distributed.

    I request to evaluate the above answer.

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