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  • Mohit

    October 23, 2021 at 2:51 PM

    Many people are extremely influenced in buying the things after seeing advertisement, While others consider it as sham. Do advertisement really have an effect on people’s mind? Well, I am convinced that yes, they have. This essay will discuss both of the view points and will caste the glimpse on the usefulness of advertisements.

    Many people of the society , outweigh the effect of advertisements out-rightly , and deny its various effect on people’s mind such as motivating them to buy the product. they illustrated further that because a person is quite educated and well aware not only about his need, but also about his purchasing power. No outside force like advertisement , can increase neither his want nor his income. So he will not buy the items by being influenced with advertisements . Thus the role of advertisement , in enticing a consumer for buying the items is chastened ruthlessly.

    While, on the other hand , many people like me believe that advertisement has a profound effect on , not only on a consumer’s mind but also on their purchasing habit. this was encapsulated further that as there are a plenty of advertisement , and many out of them are certainly suits to consumer’s want and need, and accordingly they create impression upon them and leads them to buy the items of the specific brand. Therefore the supremacy of advertisement on consumer purchasing habit is underscored.

    Eventually , from the above we can conclude that as advertisement are well designed , supported by pompous music and visualization , have a great impact on consumers mind. They descend in-depth of the human and thus play a vital role in their buying habits. Therefore the significance of advertisements in buying habits is proclaimed .

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