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  • Mamta

    October 23, 2021 at 6:57 PM

    It has become a trend among youngsters to take a year gap after finishing school and before starting the university courses. This essay will explore the benefits and the drawbacks of this gap taken by students.

    To begin with, the children who prefer to take a break between their studies after completing school have many positive sides. That time can be utilised by them in their personal development skills like they can learn some new languages, improve their body language and also do some small courses that will provide a career growth opportunity to them. Furthermore, they can also do some work in any reputed firm and use that experience in their further studies as well as in their careers. In this way, they would also earn some money that will be used in their higher education and even teach them a lesson of saving.

    But this gap has some drawbacks as well. After spending a whole year without study, some youngsters feel disconnected with education and could not focus on higher studies. They are one year behind of their classmates, which resulted in some dissatisfaction. Some companies consider this gap a bad impact on one’s career. They indulge more in social media and games because of free time that they have before. so they waste their valuable time on the internet that leads to isolation.

    To conclude, this phenomenon has its own pros and cons. This year off will be effective for the future if spent wisely by doing some useful activities. on the other hand disconnected students from further education.

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