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  • Aparajit

    October 24, 2021 at 10:49 AM

    The diagram illustrates various steps involved in the production of electricity with the help of geothermal energy. Overall, five steps are involved starting from pumping in cold water beneath the earth’s surface, pumping out the hot water, converting to steam, utilising steam to generate electricity.

    To begin with, cold water is pumped down approximately 4.5km beneath the Earth’s surface through the injection well. Following this, water is passed through a geothermal zone which comprises hot rocks. The water starts to heat up from the warmth of the rocks. Next, the hot water is pumped up through the production well and collected inside a condenser.

    Following this, the heat of the hot water enables the condenser to produce steam. The hot air is passed through a pipe into a chamber containing a turbine and generator. The steam moving at high speed, allows the turbine to rotate. Subsequently, the generator is powered by energy produced by the turbine, and this allows the production of electricity by the generator. Finally, the generated electricity is then transmitted with help of transmission poles.

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