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  • Vimi

    October 24, 2021 at 7:10 PM

    The two pie charts illustrate the proportion of five main reasons for choosing bicycle or car by people when travelling to work. Overall, it can be seen that a majority of people use bicycle for staying fit and healthy and for maintaining eco – friendly atmosphere, while comfort is the main reason for people driving to work.

    To begin, around one-third of people uses (use) bicycle for maintaining health and fitness. Likewise, same proportion of people are citing minimal pollution as the reason for choosing cycling. A fraction of thirteen percent says (say) that cycling is cost effective and less than one fifth finds (find) no parking problems with parking bicycles. In matter of speed, a minority of people find cycling as a faster mode of commute, whereas, less than a fifth finds (find) car to be more faster(faster).

    In contrast, two-fifths of people choose driving to work for comfort. Just over one – fifth of people cites (cite) long distance to be the reason for using car. A small minority finds car safer than bicycles and less than a fifth say that they don’t need to carry things to work when they are driving.


    Well attempted! Introduction and general overview are very clearly written. The response progresses well with good use of linking devices and proper paragraphing. Language of comparision and contrast has been skilfully used with clear representation of data. Variation in vocabulary is lacking. Grammar errors are also evident which have been emboldened above.

    Band Score : 2/3

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