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  • Sheeba

    October 24, 2021 at 7:19 PM

    The trend of having a year off between finishing secondary education and enrolling in a university is increasing. This essay will discuss about the advantages and the disadvantages of the trend.

    To begin with, the main advantage is that students can utilize the education gap in a wise manner. Some students take a break and attend coaching class for NEET exam which is the mandatory exam to join medical field. Without a break they may not get good score. If they take a break, then they will get good score. Students taking a gap before joining universities have enough time to explore their interest and they will not confuse to choose their career. Later, they will not regret for choosing their area of interest.

    In addition to that, the disadvantage is that students who take break will take more extra years to complete their tertiary education. Students go for work during the gap will feel difficult to resume their education and some of them stop their education. Due to this trend, students in different age will be in a class which will be difficult for the professor to treat all the students equally. Few students have inferiority complex when their teacher scolds them in front of their classmates. As there is a age difference, some students will face ragging.

    To conclude with, the benefits of students having gap or without gap is based on the individual. Both has it’s own pros and cons. It is the responsibility of each student to decide whether they need a break or not.

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