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    October 24, 2021 at 7:52 PM

    The bar chart provides information about the population of seals, whales and dolphins in Gormez straits between the year 2006 and 2018.
    Overall, dolphin experienced an upward trend throughout the period while there were some fluctuations in the number of seals and whales.

    To begin with , the least number of dolphin’s population was reported in 2006 at approximately 15 which was twice lower (less than half of seal’s population) than seals. However the figure gradually raised ( increased ) in the the next year but seals and whales slightly outraced the figure . A peak rise in the number was reported in 2018 which was four times higher than the initial period and twice the number of whales. (The explanation of the 2nd paragraph is not clear)

    However, unlike dolphins, number of whales and seals were inconsistent. The largest number of seals were (was) reported in 2006 at 42 which was two times and three times greater than whales and dolphins respectively. In contrast, the number considerably declined to its half in the next given year meanwhile all three showed around the same level in that year. Consecutively, population of whales was in the lowest level at approximately 21 in 2014, while seals and dolphins showed an upward trend and stood nearly at 32.The largest number of population of seals and whales were reported in 2018 at around 43 and 24 respectively which was almost similar to their population in 2006.


    The description of the graph is not clear in para 2 and 3. Need to describe clearly so that the response is comprehensible . Need to improve sentence framing.

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