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  • Yanshi

    October 24, 2021 at 10:54 PM

    Authorities in rich nations tend to spend extravagantly in exploration of space. In my opinion, the money spent is not wasted but is fruitful for the nation and the people worldwide. It unravels the mysteries and hidden truths of the universe that might be beneficial for the humankind and existence of planet Earth. This essay will further throw more light on dire need to explore the space.

    Universe has reserved countless secrets and mysteries within itself for billions of years, which is yet to be unfolded. Despite years of scientific investigations and explorations, we are unable to make any major breakthrough in the field of astronomy. In order to reach out to any valuable data, we require major funding and investments on the behalf of the government. The principles of functioning of the universe can help us make our existence on Earth smoother. Moreover, space organizations provide immense employment opportunities and a platform to carry out research, especially for scientists, researchers and space enthusiasts.

    The more we dig into the universe, the more we can ensure the survival of humankind. Future is unpredictable and human beings are vulnerable to any unfortunate catastrophe. One of the major concerns of scientists these days is to find a suitable planet for survival, with adequate living conditions and atmosphere, in the vast sea of celestial bodies. Numerous programs launched and money spent for this precious exploration is all worth it as it is all being held out to prevent extinction of homo sapiens in the future, in a situation of a natural calamity.

    In conclusion, it is a fine practice to spend on space explorations and research programs as it brings us valuable information, beneficial for our own selves and our existence. It also opens the door for any future possibilities to accommodate another planet in a dire situation.

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