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  • Navroop

    October 25, 2021 at 11:17 AM

    A lot of money is being spent by developed nations in order to
    explore space and find something valuable but most of the times this
    money goes to waste. In my opinion, leaders of developed nations
    should not spend huge amount of money to do so and this essay
    will try to explain the same.

    I think developed nations use funds collected from the citizens of that
    nation and use that money for space exploration, Although it can be put
    to better use. These nations have been exploring space from the past few
    decades and the idea of doing so seems exciting to me also but looking
    at the facts make me change my mind. These nations have not
    found anything valuable in space that is useful for humans
    from so many exploratory trips. No Planet is good for habitat of humans
    as well as animals.

    According to me, Developed nations have more responsibility towards
    developing nations and they should help those in need of money.
    Developing nations are already dealing with hunger, High illiteracy
    rate, power cuts, water shortage, vaccine shortage and less exposure
    to many resources. Helping developing nations will be for the betterment
    of society. For example, To fight coronavirus we need immunity at the
    world level but because developing nations have less vaccines achieving
    that is a hard task, only chance of success at this is when
    developed nations will come forward and help these nations.

    To conclude, Space exploration is an exciting venture but we have too
    many problems on earth which we should deal with first and money seems
    to be solution for most of the problems. Governments should not spend
    huge amount of funds on space activities and rather help those in need
    of it.

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