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  • Shahbaz

    October 25, 2021 at 11:39 AM

    “Governments which belong to the developed nation spending too much money to explore space”.

    -A linking verb is missing here. It should be ‘are spending’ or it could have been just ‘spend’.
    – ‘the developed nation’ should have been ‘developed nations’ ?
    -‘ money should not spend more on space’ –> ‘more money should not be spent on space’
    – ‘United States and Russia invests’ (invest) [subject-verb agreement error]

    * ‘astronomy’ and ‘space travel’ are not exactly the same. Astronomy also includes studying the celestial bodies without space travel.
    * ‘Syria’ not ‘Siriya’ (This is not really an issue)
    * ‘ Countries like Siriya and Somalia people are starving for food.’ ( In countries like…)

    * The conclusion introduces a new point related to ‘remote sensing’. Please check out the conclusions in the sample essays. We can add a new recommendation if we need to get to the word limit. However, in the conclusion paragraph, we always try to restate the main idea by paraphrasing it.


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