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  • Mohit

    October 25, 2021 at 10:06 PM

    Now a days , In developed world , there is a rivalry between the government to explore the space and accordingly a lot of money is being expensed out . Do space exploration is a need of today? Or, Is space exploration simply a wastage of money? Well , I, myself is one of those, who believe that the space exploration is a trust worthy work which should be continued.

    Some people argue that ‘the Government of developed world’ is , just to gratify their own ego , is spending hard earned money of taxpayer in an formidable task. This is, further illustrated by them that the wealth and resources, are being used in an unnecessary competition , can be used to feed millions of people. Many Children not only can be lifted from poverty line but also many premature deaths , which happen in dearth of treatment , can be prevented. Thus wasting of money in space exploration ought to be stopped and so the argument is got underscore.

    While, on the other hand many people believe that space exploration is a matter of nations pride and should be kept continue . they always give precedency of space exploration over all other things. It is encapsulated further by them that as there are lots of perils like : Comets, asteroids hovering in the blue sky which may cause , if not taken properly, damage tp our environment and sometimes to our mother earth. By space exploration such stray invaders can be encountered proactively and therefore the utility of space exploration is grounded.

    Eventually, it is true that space exploration is an exorbitant task , but it protect the earth as well. Space exploration can be perfectly denominated as an proactive approach , which , as our duty, ought to be continued and therefore the triumph the space exploration is proclaimed.

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