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  • Kanchan

    October 25, 2021 at 11:01 PM

    No matter in what figure one is earning, but job satisfaction always overweighs the high package. Although, for some people, in greed of earning a lot of money to fulfill their dreams, highly payable jobs are more important than the area of interest. I totally disagree with this statement and this essay will further discuss why job satisfaction is prior to high pay?

    The confusion whether one should go with the huge CTC or with the domain of interest often arises with the freshers, however the higher amount payable to the employees often attracts them. According to a study, if one is working in a field of interest, then the person most probably is living a more peacefully and satisfactory lifestyle than the one who’s earning a lot but working in a job which doesn’t interests. Moreover, it has also been noticed that sometimes passion and hobby also become a good career in one’s life.

    Therefore, it is recommendable that rather than choosing the career by looking at the figures in salary, we better give priority to our interest. For instance, during my final year at college, one student was offered with 10 Lakh/annum CTC, but the technology was different from what she was seeking to work in. Consequently, instead of accepting the offer because of the bigger amount, she denied it since the interest mattered a lot for her than the salary.

    To conclude, undoubtedly, when one is provided with more than the expected pay then it is obvious to get confuse while selecting one, however, we should always opt the job of our interest rather than choosing the one with huge amount because we can only progress and perform better if we are doing with full interest.

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