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  • Swati14

    October 25, 2021 at 11:40 PM

    These days, it is noticed that research and development about space exploration have taken place by developed countries. Governments of those countries that are rich and have advanced technology are wasting an excessive amount of money on space exploration. I completely disagree with the opinion and will cast the reasons to support my view.

    Scientists of developed nations have been researching space and its intricate structure for a long time. We have received many modern technologies due to their exploration and GPS( global positioning system) is one example of it. This technology is very intuitive and enables us to know everything about the route of destinations. For example, this technology gives every information which would require for a particular landing place such as, traffic, duration and shortcuts to reach out there.

    Secondly, space is full of mystery, and we do not have any idea about what jeopardy is waiting for us. This space exploration help scientists to find out about the possible menace from space. The government have spent lots of money on modern technologies and types of equipment for more research in this field. These facilities enable scientists to study space and about any possible threat from space that could be disastrous for humankind.

    To conclude, governments, of developed countries, should invest large amounts of money in the field of space exploration so that astronomers do more research on space and develop new technologies that would help humankind in future and also warn us about future hazardous situations.

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