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  • Silk

    October 26, 2021 at 3:26 AM

    Some individuals believe parents should promote their offspring to take part in managed group activities in their leisure time while some individuals also encourage their offspring to learn to spend time with themselves. In this essay, It will be discussed the two viewpoints on how the children should spend their leisure time and I will give my opinion based on below discussions.

    Children participating in any group activities develop respect and trust as in any group activity they have to complete the task being a group not individual so to successfully complete the task or activity you need to have trust, empathy, patience and good communication with other participants in the group which not only boast the team spirit behavior of the child but also teach them time management as the art of time utilisation will make them more discipline and enhance their career prospect when they grow old. Therefore, parents should encourage children to get involve in group activities which is the building block of learning new skills in life.

    While some people also believe that children should find ways to occupy their unstructured time by their own as the valuable lesson which they learn will carry with them throughout their lives. children who perform activities by their own develop a strong sense of independence they don’t have to be around another person or the group of people at all the time. which will make them socially independent to be comfortable in any situation so parents should teach them to value their own time and let them plan and participate on their own which will help them to handle every type of situation whenever they are not physically present with them.

    To conclude, some individual believe that letting children involve in their own activity bring sense of calmness and boast self confidence and self esteem However, in my opinion engaging in group activity builds team skills from young age regardless of age like building relationship with family members, friends, neighbors, colleagues or customer make them a good team player and mastering the art of being a team player will help the child succeed not only just school, but throughout their lives.

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