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  • Shahbaz

    October 26, 2021 at 10:16 AM

    * It is not recommended to put rhetorical questions in your introduction. Once you have paraphrased the question, write a thesis statement and an essay outline.

    * “Do space exploration is a need of today?” — Is space exploration…today?

    * One instance of a sentence starting with a small letter.

    * Some of your word choices and use of commas are slightly unusual. For example, ‘expensed out’. ‘Competition’ and ‘rivalry’ are not exactly interchangeable. ‘Rivalry’ assumes some degree of hostility. These word choice errors can bring down the vocabulary score. The test expects your vocabulary to be not only varied, but also accurate and natural. That is to say that a native speaker or an educated reader would not find them unusual.

    * ‘ the argument is got underscore.’ is not correct. –> I am not sure how correct this expression is. However, ‘is underscore’ does not work grammatically. It would have to be ‘is underscored’ or ‘gets underscored’ . A similar error – ‘should be kept continue’ (should be continued)

    Score: 4.5/6

    Some of your longer sentences demonstrate good grammatical intuition. However, the mistakes are not few and are quite noticeable.

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