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  • Navroop

    October 26, 2021 at 12:07 PM

    According to data collected from survey some people have given an answer
    that children should be encouraged by their parents to take part in
    organized group activities in their spare time and the rest have said
    that it is a good learning curve for children to occupy themselves on their
    own. This essay will portray both the views and what my thought process

    Some children need to fill gaps in their personality like knowing how
    to do team work, having spirit of sportsmanship. These children should be encouraged to take part in group
    activities. Other children want to find what they really enjoy doing
    in their free time and should be left on their own.
    In Group activities we can learn from others but it is good for only those
    that can take advantage of it and children left on their own should also make the most of it. Parents should not force things onto their children and have communication at a regular basis.

    My thought process says that children should be left on their own to
    explore what they like in their free time. As they are already taking
    part in group activities at school. Being on their own teaches them how
    to become independent and it builds strong intuition. Before the world of internet
    it was impossible to play a game of chess on our own but now one can play
    against the computer. There are many other things that internet has made
    possible. In group activities there is chance of child’s voice getting suppressed and bad company can
    lead to disastrous results. Children should work on their own ideas in
    their spare time and try to find like minded to work on the idea.
    Parents should have a watch on them so that they
    don’t go in the wrong direction.

    To conclude, there are pros and cons to both the sides and it
    completely depends on the child’s mental state but
    according to me they should be left on their own in their spare time
    so that they can explore their ideas.

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