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  • Garima

    October 26, 2021 at 2:06 PM

    It is often argued by some people that advertisements are benefecial at insisting us to buy goods, while for others promotion plays no role in purchasing things. In my opinion, advertisements are very useful and show a favourable outcome in encouraging us to buy things. This essay will discuss firstly, benefits of advertisements in informing people about new products in the market and secondly, comparison with similar products it allows; followed by a reasoned conclusion.

    First of all, advertisements give a lot of information about new products that has been launched or soon to be launched in the market. Even if, people living in remote areas like hilly region or villages do not have easy access, still they could be aware of new things available. For example a US based company like Amazon, are spending huge amount of money on marketing and advertisements. Because of this initiative a majority of its products are bought in far away countries like India. I am not denying the fact that too much advertisements at times confuses people or make them resistant to a particular product.

    Secondly, it is easier for a customer to compare the same type of things available in the market with advertisements. In almost every sector, range of products have cropped up and it poses quite a challenge for buyers to choose the better one. Because of advertisements and promotion, it is far easier to decide the benefits of one over the other. for instance, market is flooded with range of skin products but which one will suit a particular skin type is mostly determined by the comparison we make with the others through advertisements. Despite this, advertisements can at times be too boring and dull and can often go unnoticed by people.

    In conclusion, advertisements are extremely beneficial in persuading us to buy things. It is recommended that more logical, authentic and valuable advertisements must be approved by the regulatory body.

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