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  • Mamta

    October 27, 2021 at 3:14 PM

    In some nations, heinous criminal cases are decreasing. However, safety concerns of people are increasing as compared to the past. This essay will first look at the reasons why this is happening, and then explore solutions for it.

    The main reason for this increase in safety concerns among people is the advancement of technology. Nowadays, news spreads quickly as compared to the past. People know every information related to theft, robbery, murder, rape and many more as fast as it happened, due to this they feel unsafe. When we looked at the past, they did not know the details of these incidents. In addition to that, unemployment is also one of the reasons because youngsters are not sure about their future and about their jobs, so sometimes they are involved in heinous activities for their basic needs. People are surprised to know that an educated person is doing such types of wrong acts, and those acts spread panic among people.

    In order to solve this, great changes will need to be made. For a start, Government should educate the people through news and news channels that the crime rates are slowing down day by day and provide actual data regarding this. Government should generate more job opportunities and assure youth that their futures are not at risk. It can also provide soft loans at reasonable interest rates , so that many youngsters can start their business.

    In conclusion, safety concerns are a major issue and are increasing. They are caused by the latest technology and unemployment. Government needs to work on these issues just by introducing some awareness campaigns and generating more job options.

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