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  • Yanshi

    October 28, 2021 at 8:13 PM

    In many nations, it has become a common phenomenon for more and more people to migrate into cities from rural areas to find employment. This situation has brought some considerable changes in the dynamics of the country and its people. It comes with a set of benefits and drawbacks and this essay will ponder over some of them.

    In some nations, more and more people are being able to lift themselves out of poverty than ever before. A considerable amount of credit for this goes to them moving out of their villages, to live and work in cities that provide better working conditions and opportunities. Metropolitan cities are known to be more developed economically and thus can ensure a better lifestyle and career options, provided that a person thrives for it. Furthermore, urban areas have a better infrastructure, medical and education facilities than rural areas. Therefore, these people have the privilege to access them according to their needs.

    Having mentioned that, unmonitored migration can lead to overpopulation in these cities, leading to adverse effects for both natives and immigrants. Unemployment is one of the serious issues that develops when the applicants are much more than the seats available. It sometimes becomes a laborious task for these villagers to find a suitable work in cities, and in adverse conditions they might be left unemployed, making it harder for them to make both ends meet. Medical system has been seen to fail several times due to overcrowding that rips people off of their right to adequate medical facility. Moreover, moving out of village can be a daunting task for some and make them feel homesick, lonely and depressed.

    In conclusion, moving to an urban city from village is a demanding task but surely worth it as it provides a person ample opportunities to make one’s life better. But the same time, it comes with a lot of hardships and shackles that require a lot of mental strength to break.

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