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  • Mamta

    October 28, 2021 at 9:55 PM

    Museums are a good option to know about the culture and tradition of any country or place. However, the number of visitors are decreasing drastically. This essay will discuss the reasons why this is happening, and then provide some solutions related to it.

    There are two main reasons for this decrease in the number of people who visit museums. Firstly, people find it boring to go to such places because of the advancement of technology. If we compare with the past, in today’s era, people have more choices to indulge themselves in their free time. While in the past, they found museums a leisure activity. Secondly, people, especially youngsters are not keen to explore such places as they don’t know about their culture and are reluctant to know anything about it. For example, children don’t even know about Ramayan and Mahabharat, which are the greatest epics.

    To resolve these problems, the government should include some new and latest technologies which would attract tourists. For example, some sound effects and some artificial intelligence technologies are introduced to connect with visitors. Furthermore, kids should be taught history in a very interesting way in schools and the government should make it compulsory for schools to take the children at historical sites. So they can connect academic lectures with those places. These activities encourage kids to take more Interest in the subject.

    To conclude, people feel monotonous to go to the museums and unwilling to learn anything about historical events. Some technological modification in those places and introducing some effective way of teaching in schools could be beneficial to attract more people there.

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