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  • Harsaroop Kaur

    October 29, 2021 at 10:02 PM

    From past few decades, modernization has impacted our society in a lot different ways, from radios to Televisions, from paperback and hard cover books to e-books, from waiting for newspaper every morning to receiving latest news every minute via application in cell phones, everything is changing rapidly. I totally agree that that new technology would completely take over ancient technology in future.

    To begin with, modern advancement has given more liberty to people to do anything, anywhere, anytime and as a result people have become impatient. For example, if anything is happening in the world, they want to see it happening live or they want the update every minute for the same. As a result, people rely less on newspapers. Also, some people believe that newspapers are not eco-friendly as it is just a wastage of paper.

    Further, in today’s world, people are really short on time. Technology has made the world so small and fast that people don’t want to waste a single minute because every minute is precious, even for me as I am working in an Multi National Company and usually don’t have much time to spare for daily updates and for that purpose, I have a mobile application named ‘Inshorts’ installed in my phone which provides me with updates every minute in just 60 words. In this scenario, who would like to read the whole news when you can get the summary in just 60 words?

    In a nutshell, people are getting addicted to technology, and it would become difficult for present as well as the future generations to stick to traditional ways of getting updates, be it newspapers or magazines, no doubt they give a different sense of satisfaction and pleasure when we read it but who on earth will have that much time to feel it!

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