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  • Yanshi

    October 30, 2021 at 1:44 PM

    In the recent times, visiting museums has become less favorable among the people than in the past. This is a serious development as lesser and lesser people now are drawn towards taking a trip to a museum. This essay shall throw some light on some of the probable causes and solutions to this problem.

    With the ever-evolving technology and techniques, people in this era, have a much wider variety of alternatives according to their preferences. Visiting old museums with uninteresting stuff is rather a dreary task for many youngsters. Their uninterest in history and antique items drives them away from considering to visit a museum in their leisure time. Some museums prohibit clicking pictures of the items, which further discourage these young individuals who are obsessed with taking pictures of anywhere they visit. Moreover, many established and popular museums charge extravagant fees for entry tickets, resulting in a problematic situation for even those who are willing to visit but cannot afford.

    In order to curb this situation, the museum authorities need to take some serious measures and make the overall visit much more enjoyable and desirable for them. For instance, addition of some fun activities, keeping the young folks in mind, might fascinate them. To encourage the younger generation to visit museums, they need to be made more inclined towards their history and glorious past, from a very young age. Schools could arrange museum trips for children in order to make them aware of its importance. Moreover, the prices for the tickets need to be adjusted accordingly to be reasonable and affordable enough for everyone.

    In conclusion, museums are a great place for anyone to acquire knowledge about the history of their nation and the world, an activity that is slowly fading away and in order to rejuvenate it, young minds need to be made aware of its essence.

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