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  • Mohit

    October 31, 2021 at 9:38 PM

    In many countries , despite off a historical downfall in serious crime rate , the feeling of security amongst people is all time low. This behavior of people is astonishing the Government of those country. Well, this essay will caste the glimpse on the reason of such strange reaction and will provide the suitable treatment to deal with .

    In many country , a noticeable decline in crime rate has been perceived , however contrary to it, the feeling of security amongst the citizens has not been improved but decreased to the minimum. The main reason behind this is that they have faced a very wide torment by the criminals and due to this, they are not ready to believe upon the figures are being shown as low crime rate. They are considering it as a short phase of piece and being afraid that the crime, like wise the sea waves, will definitely return back into the city and thus their consternation can not be ignored.

    Nevertheless , to eliminate their pondering and to resurrect their faith in law & order some major steps need to be taken. They are scaring more not off the crime, but off the criminals so the criminals should be punished before the citizens. It is illustrated further that the criminals who are currently behind the bar should be battered , as they have not committed the crime in their hide-outs, by the police in front of the subjects. This action by the government not only will restore their faith in Law & order but also will be an epitome for others criminals , that who so ever will commit the crime , will be chasten like this. Thus their moral will be rejuvenate and they will feel more secure than ever.

    <font face=”inherit”>Eventually, in spite of a bottom crime rate , the past experiences of people are not letting them to have a breath of sigh and for wining their confidence , the government must punish the criminal </font>specially<font face=”inherit”> before the victims. </font>

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