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  • Swati14

    October 31, 2021 at 11:29 PM

    These days, society pays more attention to men’s sports as compared to women’s sport. This essay will look at the reasons that why that has happened and argue that it is a negative development.

    Female players do not get the same treatment and encouragement as received by male players from society. The reason for this discriminatory behaviour by society is, due to the inconsistency of women in their sports careers like they take a break within their careers. Additionally, female players take retirement within a few years whereas men play for several years and because of that men receive more popularity and have a huge fan following as compared to women. To illustrate, a male player generally gives 20 years to his career but a female player gives barely 10 years to her career and takes retirement. Because of this, men’s sport is more popular than women’s sport in society.

    It is a negative development because this attitude thwarted the women and lessen their morale. Due to discouragement from society, they are feeble and not able to give their concentration to their sports. This is also distraught to those women who want to build their careers in sports.

    To conclude, because of irregularities and early retirement of women players, society does not pay much attention to their sports, but due to this attitude, women players lost their confidence and feel abandoned. This behaviour also snatched the dreams of aspirants who want to make a carrier in sports.

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