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  • Unknown Member

    October 31, 2021 at 11:43 PM

    There are two schools of thought about the existence of traditional newspapers and magazines due to the development of the latest e-books and modern technology. I strongly agree that the modernisation of technology and the impact, which physical paper causes on the environment by cutting more trees will make them non-existent in future.

    Firstly, the affordability of e-paper is very cost-efficient in comparison to physical paper and magazines. It does not require lots of space for storage vis.a.vis physical newspaper which will make your house dirty and consume lots of storage space. Also, you can read the e-paper and multiple magazines at your convenience on your hand devices while travelling and keep yourself updated in a short span of time.

    Secondly, papers are required for printing traditional newspapers and magazines, which will be produced from the wood shell of trees. Trillions of trees are being cut for paper industries only, which are impacting the ecological system of Earth. For Eg.(example), L(l)ast week the United State of Mexico has imposed penalty for cutting forest trees for papers to conserve the rain forest.

    To conclude, I would like to reiterate that physical paper may be reader-friendly, however, it has a devastating impact on the ecological system and it required (requires)immediate change in the reading habit from traditional paper into e-paper

    Feedback :

    Which two schools of thought ?……… not clear in the introduction. An outline statement can be added in the introduction to predict the flow of the essay. The response is well organized and structured with a decent vocabulary range though a few uncommon vocabulary words could have been used in the essay. A few Grammar errors of punctuation and verbs are evident in the response.

    Band Score : 3.5/6

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