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  • Surekha

    November 1, 2021 at 11:18 PM

    Art and crafts are commonly perceived as vital subjects for children to pursue in school. However, naysayers feel these subjects have little utility within our educational curriculum. The essay discusses these contrasting positions, followed by a logical conclusion.

    Supporters believe that having a compulsory art class in school helps children in developing their creative instincts. Not every child is equally accomplished at academics and pursuing art helps to restore balance by enabling children with different interests to develop their requisite skill sets. This also helps shape the career trajectory of those students who wish to pursue a career in art. Moreover, having regular art classes provides an important outlet for children to let off steam within the highly competitive and stressful academic arena. It allows them to pursue a subject without the burden of having to devour a huge number of chapters in order to succeed.

    This opinion is countered by those who feel that art adds little value to the educational life of a student. Not every child has the talent or desire to pursue this subject. Each child has different hobbies, which can be as diverse as collecting stamps, sculpting, gardening and star-gazing. A single art class does not benefit such students, rather their poor performance in this medium often becomes a point of ridicule and inadvertent stress for them. An art class should be optional for students. This view is bolstered by those parents who feel that in today’s competitive world, the role of the education system is to prepare children for gaining admission in the best colleges and universities in the country and the world. They wish for their children to excel in academics as their future prospects depend on their performance in normative subjects. The sky-high cut-offs in the country’s premium graduate schools, including Delhi University, justify their stance.

    In conclusion, it must be said that while having an art class enables those who are desirous of pursuing this medium to fulfil their passion, it is frustrating for those with little interest or ability in this medium. Rather than having art as an essential subject, participation should be optional.

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