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  • Shahbaz

    November 2, 2021 at 11:25 AM

    * “Those who are in support of older designs often argue that older designs are more durable” (I would write “that they are more durable”. It might be said that the referencing is ambiguous and could be taken to mean that the people are themselves more durable. I don’t think that is a problem)

    * “The focus on these designs were more of durability” I think it should be : (The focus of these designs was more on the durability) [‘was’ because the subject is ‘the focus’ ]

    * “It has also be proven good for health” (been proven) [most likely a slip]

    * “proponents” was misspelled

    * “proponents of newer architecture believes that…” [believe that]

    *”the lack land” (the lack of land) [most likely a slip]

    * “if everyone start building” (starts building)

    * “be a lot beneficial” (I think we cannot use ‘a lot’ with adjectives. We use them to say there are so many or so much of something or to say how often something happens . Here, I would use ‘really beneficial’ )

    * “will not help us to not only” (double negative)

    The vocabulary shows room for improvement.

    Score: 4.5/6

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