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  • Barkha

    November 6, 2021 at 5:19 PM

    Consumers tend to read online reviews before making purchasing decisions. Looking at reviews is quite useful but might not necessarily be the only deciding factor while buying. This essay will explore on views about online ratings.

    It is becoming increasingly popular to give feedback these days. People get showered with forms to fill and surveys to take pretty much about everything in their day to day lives. Some websites give credit points to buyers for reviewing their products. Whether it is before buying a mobile phone, shopping online or eating at cafes and restaurants, people are big on reviews. There are dedicated Youtube channels related to product reviews. It is indeed become one of the most important factor that easily influences customers.

    Sometimes, simply reading through public’s opinions and perspectives might be overwhelming. If we look at a popular item of interest, there might be some positive and some negative reviews about it which might influence a customer to go against their own will. Evidently, there is very little disappointment for products purchased solely based on reviews. However, there are some things to consider while using customer reviews such as the number of people who have reviewed and if they have shared pictures of the actual product. Although people create fake accounts to post irrelevantly on the web to gain some publicity, I think customer reviews is a great tool at our disposal that allows us to carefully evaluate the things we wish to buy.

    To conclude, online reviews are reliable and a useful tool before making a purchasing decision. Customers must carefully read and evaluate prior to making a decision as they may encounter fake reviews that might be misleading.

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