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  • Sheeba

    November 8, 2021 at 12:48 PM

    Many people find customer reviews on the website as genuine feedback to make decisions to purchase or not. I completely agree with this opinion, it helps to buy the best product in the market. This essay will discuss the benefits of the online reviews and demerits of those reviews followed by a reasoned conclusion.

    I believe that reviews give people a trust to purchase. The reviews from various people help us to get a product with good quality either in online or shopping directly in shop. Due to the advancement of Artificial Intelligence the reviews has been placed in a relevant bucket automatically. For instance, words like ambiance, cost are formed as a tab. Reviews regarding ambiance fell into a particular bucket and reviews related to cost are kept in a separate bucket, so people find it easy to go through the reviews.

    On the other hand, there are some fake websites which post their own reviews. Such kind of pages has to be reported. Even though there are many advantages with online reviews, there are few disadvantages too. In some company websites, few candidates who did not get through the interview process will post negative comments about the company. Such kind of reviews spoils the reputation of the company. While applying for job in companies, reviews are mere waste.

    To conclude, I strongly believe online reviews are great boon to purchase accessories, dress and household things, but online reviews are not helpful when we try to know about companies.

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