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  • Swati14

    November 8, 2021 at 2:29 PM

    Most people prefer to look at customer reviews about the products before buying through online platforms. I completely agree with this opinion and think that customer reviews play a crucial role in online shopping.

    Nowadays, many people opt for online shopping and customer reviews about a product play important role in their decision-making process. These reviews provide a true picture and feedback about the product, which people are going to buy. Many online shopping platforms allow customers to upload actual images and videos of products which benefit other people to have some idea of the actual images and know-how of the products, and help people to save their money and time if feedback is not good enough. For instance, Amazon entitle their customers to share actual pictures, videos and feedback about products, this helps others to decide on the same products and save their time and money if a product is not according to the desire of people.

    These days, similar kinds of products are available on various online platforms. Because of that, people go for customers reviews first before finalising their order and choose that which have a good response. This feedback reduces the confusion of people while selecting a product for them. For example, many online platforms like Amazon and Flipkart have similar products, in this case, customer reviews help people to select the right product for them.

    To conclude, in my opinion, customer reviews help people by providing real images and videos of the products and save their money and time by giving true feedback on products. It also helps in deciding the product from various options available on different websites.

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