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  • Barkha

    November 8, 2021 at 6:07 PM

    It is becoming less evident to distinguish a country from another with increasing globalisation. People around the world prefer a similar kind of taste when it comes to clothing, television, brand choice and diet. This essay will elaborate on how the advantages of this trend surpasses the disadvantages.

    Globally, we are so interconnected that understanding and accepting the universal language is the new way to be. To second that, the world is unified now than ever before, due to many countries welcoming different cultures and traditions with open hearts. People prefer to get ahead of the trend so much that they buy the clothes which a famous brand endorses worldwide. Additionally, there is a global platform for mostly every industry one can think of. For instance, Netflix for entertainment, Amazon for shopping and McDonalds for food.

    On the contrary, people who would like to hold onto their cultural beliefs and values find this mixing of cultures very disheartening. By adapting to a very similar kind of lifestyle, mankind is walking towards a more modernised future where everyone would be expected to simply blend in. Adults feel embarrassed to use their hands for eating a regional dish like biryani, they give in to peer pressure and start using fork. For example, English is a universal language and a person who cannot speak it would not be able to survive in many countries.

    To conclude, the world is becoming more and more globalized as people adapt to new trends really quickly. As a result, it has become tough to retain our traditional belief systems. However, the presence of diversity and multiculturalism speaks volumes in favour of the unity around the world.

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