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  • Abhinav

    November 8, 2021 at 7:57 PM

    7 Band Answer by a student:

    Many argue that people should act in accordance with the culture of the place they are visiting, It seems the more most apt thing to do while on vacation. This essay will look into the importance of respecting different cultures and traditions of different people when we abroad, and opine my opinions in conclusion.

    To begin with, there are certain countries whose cultures are completely opposite of the rest of the world. For example, In Saudia Arabia, women and men are required to wear modest clothes whenever they go out in public. So whenever, a person visiting from abroad is visiting the country has to be mindful of this rule. Thus, it is important to be respectful towards the law of the country and abide them. Similarly, when people visit another country, its mostly to explore their culture and food. For instance, many tourists visit Thailand mainly for their unique food taste that they cannot find elsewhere, so I believe its ideal to eat local food while we visit a new country.

    But it’s not necessary to adhere all the customs, like taking the example of Saudia Arabia, it is compulsory for Saudi women to wear hijab in public, but if we are visiting in the country, we should not change our appearance just to blend in it. Similarly, many people try to adopt the language by copying the local’s accent, which can in many cases offend the locals and they find it as their mimicry. For example, Many people trying to learn Arabic words but not pronouncing it clearly might tick off many Arabs.

    To sum up, I believe, it is good to adapt to local culture by eating their food and being respectful towards their religious beliefs but we have to be careful while doing so that it should not look like we are tyring imitate them.

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