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  • Sonali

    November 8, 2021 at 9:17 PM

    Some suggest that people visiting another country should observe the customs and eating habits followed in that country. I totally agree to this idea because a country is made rich and colourful by it’s customs and practices.

    One one hand, there is an argument that there is an amplitude of different social practices in different countries which is extremely difficult for one person to follow all of them. A person visiting a different country might be new to the customs or religious practices of that particular country and instead of following them wrongly and disrespecting them, it is sensible to not follow them at all. For example. An American visiting India for the first time might not be fimiliar to the dress code in a temple, so rather than being furious on the American for his lack of knowledge, it is best to impart some knowledge with open mind.

    On the other hand, I believe that a country is usually known from the traditions and cultural and social practices that they follow and a visitor must respect and try to follow such rules and practices. A person must try his best to blend in with the people of the country by respecting and obeying the rules that they follow. For example, a person visiting an Arab country should research about it’s people’s customs and eating habits to avoid any cultural shocks. He should learn that it is compulsory to follow a strict dress code in public places which might otherwise hurt their citizen’s sentiments.

    To conclude, a person visiting a country must learn about the country’s customs and practices that he is going to visit and should try to display the respect for the country by following them.

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