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  • Navroop

    November 8, 2021 at 9:58 PM

    It is becoming more difficult in modern era to tell the difference between different countries as people wear same
    fashioned clothes, watch the same tv channels, use the same brands, have similar kind of food eating habits. This
    essay will argue that advantages of globalization outweighs the disadvantages.

    As the world is more connected than ever before, humans try to follow the hottest trend across the globe. This kind of trend following is leading to modernization across different countries. Humans have been taught to choose the best option possible in a certain situation then why not choose from across the globe than to choose from their own country. People take inspiration from different kind of leaders across the world. They wear the same brands of clothes because they are the best options available in the brands category in the whole world. For example, If I have to choose between wearing a Nike shirt or some localized brand shirt which comes with the same price tag, I would obviously go for Nike. Following same kind of eating habit is not a problem as long as it is the best eating habit there is.

    Globalization has negative impact in certain aspects. It leads to comparison between different races which leads to anxiety among people. Children wanting to buy expensive branded things because their friends are doing so which leads to fight with their parents. Watching adult content which is common in foreign tv series can leave permanent effect on child’s brain.

    On a whole, Globalizations positive impact weighs much more than its negative impact. It is needed for the whole world to be a better place. It is beneficial for the whole world to have a choice from the best there exists.

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