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  • Arka

    November 9, 2021 at 12:03 AM

    The two diagrams illustrate how a specifically designed man-made structure is used to generate electricity from the force of the wave.

    This structure consists of a wide chamber along with the long column consisting of the turbine.It is directly erected on the sea wall where it is subject to the movement of the waves.

    The first diagram shows how the ocean waves are entering the chamber forcing the air to move upwards in the column.Here due the pressure of the air the turbine starts rotating which in turn helps in the generation of the current of electricity. The process does not stop here and this structure continues to produce power as the waves move out of the chamber.

    As the ocean waves move out of the chamber the air comes down resulting in the rotation of the turbine once again and hence there is the continuity in the generation of the electricity.This process continues and the electricity is generated.

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