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  • Arka

    November 9, 2021 at 9:09 PM

    Human intervention is certainly degrading the enviornment. Some people feel that the government bodies should be responsible to save our enviornment while others feel that people individually must take the responsibility of protecting it. In this essay both sides of the argument will be discussed including my opinion to why it is important for both to protect the enviornment.

    On one hand it is believed that only way to protect our nature is with the help of the government. Untill and unless some strict laws are made by the authority humans are going to destroy the enviornment. First of all, a rule has to be made for the industries to not dump the waste directly into the water bodies and polluting gases in the open air. Secondly travelling by various non polluting vehicle must be encouraged by the government. For example , people must be awared about the various electric vehicles as this would affect the nature way less when compared to traditional vehicles. But will it be enough if the authority makes these laws? Let’s find out in the next passage.

    On the other hand some feel that if people individually do not understand the significance of protecting our enviornment nothing can be done. Humans must realise that throwing various wastes especially plastics hamper our ecosystem immensely. For travelling close by instead of using our cars and bikes walking or cycling must be preffered.For instance, In Canada most of the families have a car or a bike but when they go to work they go by either a cycle or by walking which decreases the pollution caused. Also,people must try to plant as many trees as they can as this will be extremely useful for the ecosystem.

    In conclusion, I feel that neither Government nor people individually alone can protect the enviornment rather together with Strict government laws and self realisation among people will be much more useful to save the ecosystem.

    Hello @falak Ma’am. Please do give your valuable feedback

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