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  • Ashwani

    November 9, 2021 at 10:11 PM

    As per certain intellectuals, television and print commercials culminate into mindless splurging in plethora of goods which are not at all required practically while others are vocal about the transformational and positive impact these advertisement leave on the society in general. This essay strongly agrees with the statement that advertisements improve the standard of living of mankind considerably as people are able to take informed decisions.

    Firstly, advertising is the fastest way to communicate the benefits and advantages of various brands and new products to the end consumer. Commercials launched in omnichannel platforms such as television, print, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc. can penetrate humongous population spread across the world in no time with a greater outreach. These fancy advertisements strike a chord with potential customers and leave a footprint on their hearts, thus entice them to experience these products and services at least once. Once these products are accepted well by consumers they further endorse these products to their kith and kin, hence the popularity of such products increase exponentially. For an example, the consumers tend to buy new electronic gadgets such as mobiles and headphones of popular brands which has strong media coverage of their new product launches.

    Additionally, these commercials comes with numerous discounts and offers which utalise economy of scale to pass the benefit to end customers. Since, media coverage give them opportunity to secure bulk orders from the different masses of the world. It enables such big enterprises to harness and leverage such media campaigns and build efficiencies in their entire supply chain which eventually benefits the buyers. For instance, leading mobile phone makers are selling millions of their newly launched mobile phones by portraying their bells and whistles coupled with aggressive campaigning and irresistible offers which are hard to ignore.

    To conclude this essay, it is firmly agreed that the advertisements not only give opportunity to educate and experience varied product and services but also pass the benefit of mass selling to end consumers which is always a financially wise decision and a win-win situation for both consumers and corporate houses.

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