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  • Jitendra

    November 10, 2021 at 2:56 PM

    It is argued by some that having art subject at school is crucial for children. Others, however, maintain that it is a waste of time. This essay discusses both perspectives and why I believe that being an art subject at school brings creativity to students but is not a waste of time.

    To commence with, there are people who think that art is a vital subject for school children and it is because art is creativity and imagination that is poured in different forms. Moreover, music and dance are also considered as types of art and these all enhance creativity which really helps in later life either in jobs or own business. For example, one research conducted on school children and it has been found that students having art subject are more creative than those who do not have any art subjects. Therefore, it seems that children should have art subject which definitely helps to broaden their horizon.

    However, others believe that it is not necessary to keep art subject and this is mainly because they think about job prospects. Some students fully involve in art and even they pursue further education in art as well but all of them are not able to find related jobs. For instance, one study conducted in India showed that less than 10% of people got jobs who became artists. As a result, some people are forced to think that art in school is just waste of time.

    In conclusion, I agree with those who believe that art is an indispensable subject for school children because every company needs creative people to raise the company’s growth to the upper level and also if one should be creative to run own business. These are only possible by having art subjects in school.

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