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  • vineeth

    November 11, 2021 at 9:00 PM

    The pie chat illustrates the main reasons why human’s choose to travel to their workspace by using using cycle or car.

    Overall ,less than a third people who are prefer cycling is because for good health, exercise and to reduce the pollution. Less than a fifth using cycling due to no cost. Two- fifth’s of people using car to travel for workplace only for there comfort. In a nutshell 11 percent of people using car for there safety.

    To begin with, almost a third people using there bicycle for there health & fitness and also to avoide the pollution but two fifths of people use to drive for there comfort and more than a fifth people are driving because of there long distance. There are also a minority persons who are suffer’s for car parking there are also prefer pull there certain up to ride a bicycle.

    In addition, there are 14 percent of people have to carry there things to there workplace they also prefer there car and another 14 percent of people reason for driving because to move faster than cycling only less than a fifth person’s are using car because of the safety. Finally, there are 12 percent of people who believes cycling is more faster than ride a car

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