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  • Swati14

    November 12, 2021 at 11:25 PM

    These days, most people work many shifts, especially in the night shift, due to night shifts employees face some problems. This essay will first look at the problems, and then explore solutions for them.
    Many employees who work night shifts face numerous health issues because they follow an inadequate daily routine which hampers their health adversely like they often miss doing morning work out or having food on time. Additionally, these people, especially women, feel insecure in terms of safety because they usually reached their homes late at night. Due to that they always have a fear of mishappening while they returning home from their offices. For example, in India, due to the increase in crime rate, night shifts workers, especially women, feel insecure while they travel through roads.
    To solve these problems, companies should be provided health checkup facilities in their office premises periodically which would help employees to track their fitness. In addition, employers should be provided proper security to their night shift workers, particularly women, so that they can reach their homes safely. To illustrate, companies should provide one security guard with women employees and give home drop facilities to them so they can reach their homes safely.
    To conclude, some of the problems like health issues and insecurity are felt by employees who work night shifts. To solve this problem companies should facilitate health check-up camps on regular basis and provide security while dropping their employees in late at night.

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