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  • Vimi

    November 14, 2021 at 12:57 AM

    The given line graph illustrates the robberies of vehicles in Great Britain, Sweden, France and Canada from 1990 to 1999, a period of nine years. Overall, the cases of vehicle robberies in Great Britain, France and Canada minimally fell, whereas the robberies in Sweden went up.

    In 1990 Great Britain recorded the highest thefts of vehicles with approximately 18 per thousand vehicles, followed by Sweden, Canada and France. After a few fluctuations the cases in Great Britain decreased to nearly 16 thefts per1000 vehicles( at the end of the period) . on( On) the other hand Canada and France were showing approximately the same counts, except in the interval between 1993 to 1999 in which the robbery cases in Canada was leveled off with approximately 5 thefts per 1000 vehicles but in France it reached a high of nearly 7 thefts per thousand vehicles and slightly came down at the same count of Canada. ( This sentence is not framed properly and is ambiguous in meaning.)

    In contrast to this Sweden was showing ( showed an) upward trend. However apart from a brief leveled off ( level off) between 1996 to 1998, the robbery cases in Sweden rapidly escalated till 1999 with nearly 12 thefts per 1000 vehicles. Despite of this ( Despite this) rapid increment the theft cases in Sweden was(were) still less than that of Great Britain.


    A good attempt ! The response is well structured and organized .A good effort has been made to answer the question and describe the main points in the charts . Range and vocabulary are satisfactory with good use of language of variation, comparision and contrast . Despite all this there are Grammar errors seen in tenses and conjunctions . Sentence framing also needs improvement in some places as it is adding ambiguity to the sentence meaning.

    Band Score: 1.5/3

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