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  • Gayathri

    November 17, 2021 at 3:37 PM

    It is generally thought that students will excel more in studies when they get rewarded instead of punishing while at school. More and more institutes tend to adopt such changes recently in order to help their students to achieve great profiles. Clearly, rewarding can motivate students more than punishments do

    First of all, children’s overall character improve when there is a shift in the mode of teaching to include prizes rather than penalizing alone. If, at their schools, teachers correct them giving remunerations, they seem highly motivated to follow the instructions simply because, their brains are more likely to get formatted accordingly. Moreover, they tend to be more interested in attending schools without the need for persuading them from which parents get relieved. Similarly, they can be trained without their insight to learn new topics using this method. To cite an example, in many of the developed countries, schools have already realized the significance of rewarding children and hence they made drastic change from traditional teaching methods culminating in more attendance rates and successful outcomes.

    Secondly, in order to maintain discipline while at school, punishing is an age old criteria which has more hazards than benefits. Pupils at such schools, become frustrated with their classes and they might even fail in their examinations. Hence, parents also find it much difficult to send them to such academies which can harm their future. This was the scenario in most public schools in many developing countries leading to drop outs and less literacy rates.

    In conclusion, the more rewards a child gets, the greater is his or her motivation to pursue dreams. Whereas, punishments can make a child’s future in vail as there is always a side effect of mental torture or trauma.

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